Bessin area offers a lot of activities. No doubt you will find in our area a cultural or sport activities:

- OmhaBeach Golf (36 holes)

- Horse riding (Sully)

- Water sports (windsurfing, yachting, diving)

- Fishing (by walk or in a boat)

- Hiking trails, cycling tour

- Historical sites of D-Day:

- D-Day beaches

- Museums

- Memorial

- Reine Mathilde de Bayeux tapestry

- Bessin architecture (castles, manors,...)

- Bayeux lace

- Sand beaches

- Market (Port en Bessin and Bayeux)

- Water sports (Asnelles and Colleville)

- Fishing port, sea tour

- Local products

- Other activities : tree climbing, bowling, paintball, laser game, escape game


Port en Bessin and Bayeux are very dynamic and organize a lot of events during the all year :

- Fête de la coquille Saint Jacques et des chants de marins à Port en Bessin (early november)

- Fêtes médiévales in Bayeux (early July)

- Calvadose de Rock (rock festival- early August)

- Fireworks on Vauban Tour in Port en Bessin every Friday evening during summer

- Bénédiction de la Mer every 5 ans on August, 15th

- D-Day celebration around June, 6 every year.